A Prescription for Prosperity


Kayser knows there is no quick fix to the challenges that face Floridians. She’s committed to creating affordable healthcare, protecting Florida’s environment, and creating opportunities for Florida’s families. Kayser believes that we are all in this together, and she’s running to bring that spirit back to Tallahassee.



Florida is ranked 47th in the nation in health care access and affordability. Tallahassee politicians have repeatedly rejected Medicaid expansion. Their actions have cost over 800,000 Floridians access to health care, hurt rural clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes, and cost Floridians well-paying jobs in the healthcare industry. Medicaid expansion would bring a projected 500 million dollars back into the state revenues.


Prioritizing, affordable and accessible healthcare is personal to Kayser. Kayser has been a leader at both the national and local levels advocating for improving quality and efficiency in our healthcare system. As a community leader working on expanding access to quality healthcare, Kayser visited communities throughout North-Central Florida, and she sees first-hand the disparities in our healthcare system. Her work at UF Health as a practicing physician and health care leader has strengthened the quality of care provided to patients in this district. 

It is time for leaders in Tallahassee who understand how to deliver quality health care. As your Representative, I will work to expand Medicaid and lower health care premiums for our families. I will make sure every family can access the care they need.



With over 720,000 infected, 45,000 hospitalized, and 15,500 dead COVID-19 has devastated the state of Florida. The pandemic has highlighted the failings of our public health infrastructure, and we need new leadership to move Florida forward.

As a doctor, Kayser has spent her entire career making decisions based on fact and evidence, and she’ll do just that in Tallahassee if she’s elected to the State House this November. Economists have made it clear that the economy will never fully recover until we get the pandemic under control, and folks feel safe shopping, eating out, and participating in the economy. That’s why Kayser believes that the first step on the long road to recovery is implementing common-sense policies that should’ve been implemented a long time ago, like a statewide testing strategy and a robust contact tracing infrastructure.


Kayser also believes that an important part of recovery is extending a helping hand to working-class families who’ve been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, and who’ve received little help from Tallahassee. Too many Floridians can’t afford to pay rent, make their car payment, or even put food on the table, and we should be doing everything we can to ensure they get back on their feet.  Kayser believes that we need to build a more inclusive and resilient economy to withstand future crises like COVID-19. That starts with making sure we are prioritizing the needs of everyday Floridians in our legislature. While legislators set aside only $50 million for pandemic response, they gave away $550 million in tax cuts.

Too many folks have died from this pandemic, and too many folks are suffering as a result of the economic fallout. This election gives us the opportunity to change the way Tallahassee works and as Joe Biden says, to “build back better.”



Over the last two decades, Tallahassee Republicans have stolen tax dollars from public schools to fund unaccountable, for-profit schools. Our schools remain underfunded, leaving Florida trailing behind the nation and ranked 46th in teacher pay. Although recent legislation improved pay for new teachers, the facilities they work get got no help from this budget. Kayser will fight for every tax dollar to go for public school facilities, not charter schools where they simply become assets for for-profit corporations.


We have allowed inequities to undermine our public education system. Too many schools in Florida lack the teacher and resources to provide the basic opportunities students need. Every child in Florida should have access to an excellent education in a public school. 

Kayser will prioritize increasing public education funding for public schools, raising teacher pay to reflect the work these caregivers bring to our children and ensure that our schools continue to have a pipeline of qualified teachers.



Kayser believes our economy won’t truly work until it’s creating opportunities for everyone. People who work full-time jobs should be able to afford to raise a family, but too many American families are working too hard for too little.


In the wealthiest country in the world, it shouldn’t be so challenging for a family to make an honest living. Kayser believes in empowering workers, families, and communities ⁠— instead of corporations. 

Every American worker should be able to afford the benefits they need to support their families. That change comes from raising the minimum wage, expanding health care, providing affordable child care options to families as well as sick leave, retirement, and unemployment benefits.



Having spent her life in North Central Florida, Kayser has seen the impact of climate change and corporate interest on Florida’s environment. Frequent storms, higher temperatures, and greedy corporations are degrading the Sunshine state — it’s time we protect our water and preserve our environment.


Kayser supports increasing funding for springs protection and restoration, banning all forms of fracking in Florida, blocking the pumping of sewage water into our drinking water, and reducing the pollution causing algae blooms and killing wildlife across our state.

Climate change is an existential threat to Florida with the most extensive coastline in America. Kayser is committed to moving Florida from a fossil fuel-based economy to a renewable energy economy. Making this change will require persistence and strong leadership to chart a clean energy path. While investing in infrastructure resilience is necessary to prepare our communities for rising sea levels and intense storms, we must not miss any opportunity to support renewable energy options to get at the root cause of climate change.



Most importantly, Kayser is running to shake up Tallahassee. Florida’s trifecta of republican rule for two decades has left us poorer, sicker, and more divided than ever. With each passing year, Tallahassee politicians strip local governments of more of their authority and concentrate power for themselves. This has got to stop. 

Kayser will give the power back to Floridians and work every day to better the lives of our families.



In America, the rates of gun violence are a public health emergency. Gun violence costs American billions each year and takes a long term toll on our families. Reform remains at a standstill in Florida. Kayser will champion legislation that focuses on gun safety to save lives.


Kayser is advocating for common-sense reforms that include support for closing gun show loopholes, requiring all gun sales go through registered agents, requiring mental health background checks for the safety of the buyer and the community. Keeping guns out of institutions of higher learning and eliminating the sale of high capacity magazines that have no use in civilian life are measures supported by the majority of Floridians.