Meet Kayser Enneking


As a lifelong member of the Gainesville community, Kayser understands the challenges facing all the communities in District 21, both urban and rural, inspiring her to run for State House to better the lives of all North Central Floridians. 

The daughter of a Gainesville doctor, Kayser is a graduate of Gainesville High School. Kayser grew up regularly visiting the Gulf Coast to fish, crab, and scallop with her family. She and her husband, Mark Scarborough, MD are lifelong friends and both graduates of the UF College of Medicine. After a residency in Texas and a fellowship at Harvard, Kayser and Mark moved back to Gainesville to start a family and work at the University of Florida. 


Now, Kayser is running for the Florida State House because she believes improvements to our healthcare system start with making sure everyone has access to low-cost quality health care. That starts with expanding Medicaid in Florida. 

Two decades of a Republican trifecta in Tallahassee have failed to improve the lives of Floridians; it’s time for new leadership in the legislature. Kayser’s mission now, as it always has been, is to improve the lives of those she serves.


Kayser has always been known as a person who can create a path forward. As a decades-long leader, Kayser has worked at both the national and local levels advocating for improving the quality and efficiency of our health care systems.

As a community leader, Kayser has visited communities throughout North-Central Florida and sees first-hand the disparities in our healthcare system. Her work at UF Health as a practicing physician and health care leader has strengthened the quality of care provided to patients in this district.


Kayser Enneking, MD, grew up in Gainesville, Florida and is a graduate of Gainesville High School and the University of Florida. Her husband, Mark Scarborough, is a third-generation Floridian, making their children fourth-generation Floridians. An avid outdoorswoman, Kayser has spent her life on the lakes, rivers, and springs of North Central Florida added to a generous portion of time on both coasts. Most importantly she takes care of patients from every walk of life and every community in this area. This has brought her a deep appreciation for the strength of our character as well as the difficulties many in our communities must overcome.